Making Mantras

The Dynamic Yogi


As the title of this blog suggests, I am going to introduce mantras, help you create one today and show you how valuable they can be for self-development.

Some readers may be questioning what a mantra is. You may know it as spiritual chanting. My unspiritual definition would be ‘a word or phrase that is repeated continuously’. Hinduism and Buddhism definitions include mention of a spiritual connection or power that enhance wisdom. I have combined my basic definition and the Buddhism & Hindu conceptions to create my own mantra system. Follow these easy steps to reveal how to create a mantra and how it can benefit you.

Step One:

Go into a quiet room, close your eyes and think deeply about:

• What qualities you want to have
• What habits you want to stop
• What fears you want to overcome
• What goals you would like to achieve

Write down your answers. For example, I want to be more trusting; I want to stop constantly shaking my legs when seated; I want to get over my fear of being alone and I want to make at least 5 new great friends by the end of the year.

Step Two:

Now change ‘I want to’ to ‘I am going to’. For example:

• I am going to be more trusting
• I am going to stop constantly shaking my legs when seated
• I am going to get over my fear of being alone
• I am going to make at least 5 new great friends by the end of the year

Congratulations! You have just made your mantras.

Step Three:

You now need to take control of your mantras. If you are feeling a bit unstable or fearful about your mantras, I would suggest that you reduce the number of mantras to two or one so that you can channel all of your energy into it and not demotivate yourself.

Step Four:

Now it is time to let your inner Buddha shine! Start a daily practice of repeating your mantras 10 times out loud. By repeating your future ambitions and goals, you can start to convince yourself that you are able to implement new changes or get rid of useless or negative quality. You may also be able to completely eradicate a habit or overcome a fear.

To successfully benefit from mantras, you have to practice patience and commitment. You can’t expect for your mantras to be achieved within a week. It may take months – but it will be worth the time. When you successfully achieve a mantra, celebrate your victory and then replace it with another until you reach your optimal potential!

It’s healthy to set goals for yourself and strive to constantly develop. But like everything in life, find balance! It is ok to have some faults – it’s what makes us human! So don’t overdo it by obsessively hunting for flaws that aren’t even there.

Here are some poses that can help with inspiring your thoughts and creativity!

Love Always

The Dynamic Yogi