Developing an Amazing Relationship with Yourself


Today’s blog post is dedicated to helping you gain an amazing relationship with yourself! Firstly, I’d like to ask you some questions for you to reflect on. Don’t hide away or avoid answering the questions – be true to yourself.

  • Do you love yourself?
  • Do you put yourself first?
  • Do you spend time looking after your body?
  • Do you spend time looking after your mind?

If you answered no to any of these, you are in the right place!

When you start a new relationship, you want to spend all your time with your new partner, care for them, cook for them, treat them, give them cuddles and go for walks together. When your flaws starts to shine and arguments arise, you may start neglecting them a bit – sometimes leading to separation.

The relationship that you have with yourself should be like the beginning of a relationship with someone else. You should be constantly investing time into looking after yourself, finding what you like, going on mini dates with yourself and being proud of who you are. If you don’t, you will become resentful, dislike the fact you have gained weight, disappointed that you don’t go to the gym, hate the fact that you don’t go out much or have any hobbies, etc. Like a strong relationship, you need to keep working on yourself in order to develop and remain happy.

Here are some awesome things that you can do to enhance your relationship with yourself

Mini Dates

Allocate one day or evening a week to be completely alone doing something you like. It’s a great opportunity to find a new hobby that you enjoy! Go to networking events, try out new activities, go to the cinema, or enjoy a meal.


Cook yourself a fancy meal once a week. You can even go as far as lighting candles and cracking open a bottle of wine!


Yoga is a phenomenal way of getting in touch with your inner self. It not only helps strengthen, tone and detoxify your body, but it also balances your mind. Try these yoga poses! 

Helping Others

An amazing way to increase your self-love is by helping others. These random acts of kindness release dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin – all boosting your happiness and self-fulfilment levels!

Sticky Notes

Hide sticky notes around your house with funny words, inspiring quotations and little messages on. Every time you feel down, you can walk around the house looking at your notes to yourself. Examples: 

Toilet Cleaner ~ ‘Oh no, not you again!’

Gym Bag ~ ‘Go on, you can do it!’

 Mirror ~ ‘You are your biggest competition’

Write a letter to your future self

This is a beautiful and fun technique to boost your mood and add a bit of excitement to your relationship with yourself – after all, everyone loves receiving a love letter! Great content to include in your letter is the date, your mood, what you have done today, your mind-set in general, your fears and what goals you would like to achieve within the next year. You can then open this letter the following year and hopefully have achieved your goals and be in a fantastic place in life!

So now I am going to set you a goal. I want you to spend this week going on dates with yourself, working on your body and mind, practicing my recommended yoga poses and investing more time in yourself. At the end of the week, you can come back to this blog post and re-answer the questions. Hopefully you have changed some answers, if not all to a big, fat YES. 

Love Always 

The Dynamic Yogi