Recently, you may have noticed that self-development, yoga, positive energy, meditation and self-fulfilment are massive trends! People are starting to question their worth, want more out of their life and want to be the best version of themselves. Manifesting is one of my favourite tools in helping you on your path to brilliance!

If you have ever contemplated or asked these questions, this post is perfect for you.

  • Isn’t there more to life than this?
  • I want to wake up every morning with purpose, a passion and excitement
  • I’m stuck in a rut – nothing seems to be clear

How do you become the best version of yourself? Obviously you can’t save up a few hundred quid then trade yourself in for a better version. Only you have the power to make a difference. When you stop waiting for it to happen or for someone to do it for you, you will quickly see results.


Ok, so what is manifesting?

Manifesting is about thinking about what you want from life and what you want to feel (whether it be related to career goals, relationship, wealth, happiness, etc), then living and breathing that life until it comes into form. When I refer to ‘living and breathing that life’, I mean you consciously filter your thoughts to align with your wants and desires. Whilst I want to encourage you to develop yourself as a spiritual being, you can use manifesting to get material things such as a new mobile phone or car.

Still a bit unsure? Here’s a scenario that you may be familiar with. If you are having a bad day and thinking, “I dislike my life”, then you will radiate negative energy, attract it and then be surrounded by it. It may start to rain, you may then trip on a curb and then miss the bus.

But when you think of good thoughts and are saying to yourself, “I’m actually having an amazing day today – I feel great”, you will radiate, attract and live on positive energy. For example, it may still rain, but positive energy attracts you to an umbrella stall that you may have missed when feeling down. You may trip on a curb, but due to your positive and friendly nature, a stranger crosses the road to give you a hand and you get chatting to them. Your new friendship made you miss the bus, but that’s ok as you can stretch your legs and walk to the next stop.

The way that you perceive the world or an experience is how the world will manifest itself for you. Your thoughts and energy will combine to create your reality! So if you walk down the street smiling and saying hello to people, sing and dance around the kitchen and surround yourself around likeminded people, you will be emitting positive energy.

Now for the important part. What can you do to help you manifest your desires? Especially when doubts, fears and life gets in the way!


Be super clear about what it is that you want from life. Is it to be happier, earn more money, find inner peace, let go of the past or maybe find true love? I personally would narrow it down to 2 – 4 different parts of your life and ensure that your goal or desire is extremely clear.

Mood Board

Create a mood board identifying the 2 – 4 parts of your life that you want to improve and add pictures that identify with that desire or goal. Frame the mood board and put it next to your bed. This will be the first thing that you see every morning and the last thing you see before you go to sleep, therefore setting you up positively for the day and then allowing you to reflect at the end of the day.

Awareness of Time:

Manifesting isn’t an overnight solution for success. Like you may do fitness to train your body, you will need to spend time training your mind if you want to shape the thoughts and energy departing.

Acceptance of Negative Thoughts:

It’s so easy to get trapped by fear and be so overwhelmed with what is going on around us, that we stop putting ourselves first and hide away in acceptance of a bad or mediocre life. If you have a doubt, fear or negative thought, simply identify what it is that you are thinking about, accept that you are having this thought, write it on a piece of paper and then write six positive thoughts next to it. Cross a line through the negative thought and circle or highlight the positive thoughts.

Remove Negative People:

Other people’s negative attitude, thoughts or general ambience can deeply affect your productivity and development. Start noticing negative people in your life and limit your time with them. Even someone that starts a morning moaning about the weather or slow transportation is defined as a negative person and can impact your mood. Always surround yourself around bubbly, lively and happy individuals who will help keep your mood high. You may also benefit from reading my post on how to effectively remove toxic people from your life.

Positive Thoughts:

The core step towards manifesting is shifting your mind-set to positive vibes! Try and not let little things get to you, breathe, do yoga, meditate and start your day off right. Use my ’10 things I love about me’ tool to help achieve this!

So what is manifesting? It’s about making you dreams and desires become your reality! So what’s stopping you? MANIFEST.

These yoga poses are perfect in supporting you on your manifesting journey.

Love Always

The Dynamic Yogi