Yoga Poses for Panic Attacks & Depression


Having struggled with depression and severe panic attacks, I completely understand the difficulties you are going through! The idea of exercise is a massive NO – you can barely get out of bed so how can you do this? Well i’m here to tell you that I 100% know you can do this! Get out of bed (even stay in your pyjamas if you want) and do 5 yoga poses. Hold them for 4 minutes. Every day, add another pose until you have done every pose! Make this your daily routine.

For the first few days, close your eyes whilst doing the poses and practice deep breathing. Notice the way that your lungs and stomach move, any aches you feel – really get to know your mood.

After a few days of focusing solely on your breathing, add a mantra in. Repeat in your head (or our loud), the words ‘I am amazing’. Why these words? Because you are amazing!

Read the supporting blogs and inforgrams below on depression. Find out how I battled depression and what I do to stop it ever happening again. Remember that this is not an overnight battle, it will take time. But I am here to help you through this! Contact me whenever you want personal tips or advice –