Pit Stop for Life Inspiration

The Dynamic Yogi
  New year 2017, I was in Bali with my family. As tradition for the last two years, I was reflecting on all the shit that had happened and praying that this year would be better. A few days earlier, I had read about a dying man’s bucket list and how he wanted to ‘flourish’ in the final months of his life. This led to me asking one simple question: ‘Why do people wait until they are dying to start living their life?’ I made a pact with myself that from that day, I would stop with the pity party and making excuses and I would start living everyday as if it were my last. The next few weeks consisted of me prancing around with my bucket list, frantically listing down small and large activities and goals for the year. I was gradually becoming more excited for the future, creating glimpses of a structure and unknowingly removing an ‘important’ person from my life. I was in a toxic relationship that was resulting in psychotic behaviour and a mutual loathe for one another. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault – we just both wanted what we couldn’t have. But as I reflected on my bucket list, it became evident that none of my goals involved him. Without knowing, I had listed points about ‘not depending on others’, ‘travelling alone’ and ‘to live alone – in happiness’. Although I had been warned that our relationship was destructive and killing us both, it was only when I identified the trend myself that I actually realised how harmful we were for each other. My ‘2017 Bucket List of Ambitions and Self Discovery’ had many other hidden gems. If I am ever bored, I resort back to my bucket list and aim to complete one. If I lose direction, I turn to my book for clarity. If I have a goal or pursuit in mind, I will grab my pen and jot it down in the book. You could call it my pit stop for life inspiration. If you are stuck in a rut, wanting change, searching for inspiration or just wanting to live life to the maximum, I would prompt you to make your own bucket list. You will see how quickly it makes life more exciting. Tag #thedynamicyogi to show me what activities you are aiming for this year! Check out my yoga poses ‘inspiration and motivation’ to start your new beginning! Out with the old and in with the new. Enjoy! Love always The Dynamic Yogi