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  Hi world! I have spent a long time oohing and ahhing over how to start my first ever blog post. After many redrafts, I’ve settled for a very unorthodox approach to my original ideas – perhaps due to exhaustion! My blog is dedicated to sharing with you how I was recently reborn. Not in a resurrection or rising from the ashes kind of way, but in a mental and spiritual way. I am going to let you in on my thoughts and theories on life, share simple solutions to living the best life possible and share my passion for yoga. At 22, you may be questioning how the hell I am going to lead you to the key of happiness and stability when I haven’t even lived my life yet? True. But what I do have is an unbiased and fresh mindset; a near encounter with death; experience in being survivor of addiction, love and depression; and a passion to share my knowledge with the world. Every week I am going to give you simple step-by-step solutions to happiness and supporting yoga poses to help you live your life to the max! This doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy to read my blog; I live by my solutions and am one of the happiest people I know. But my clear and easy tips and tricks helped me through an extremely traumatic two years of my life and help keep me on track! In addition to blogging, I have finally jumped on the insta bandwagon after ongoing moaning from friends. Follow me for daily yoga and lifestyle pics @thedynamicyogi and tag #thedynamicyogi to share with me your journey to happiness! I am completely new to blogging so please bear with me – I will get better with practice, I promise!

The trouble with having long #hair whilst doing #yoga 😂😂👩🏼⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #thedynamicyogi

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