Removing Toxic People From Your Life

I always rant on about the importance of removing negative people from your life. Finally, I am going to share with you how to do this. Removing toxic people from your life can be extremely daunting and challenging. I imagine many questions and anxieties will be circulating around your mind. What if I lose all my friends? What if they spread slander? I don’t want to lose them from my life. It’s not that bad. Firstly, why do you feel the need to remove this person from your life? It is likely due to one of these four reasons:

  • They are limiting your growth
  • They are making you unhappy
  • They are turning you into someone you don’t want to be
  • They are advocating an unhealthy lifestyle

These characteristics define what I would call ‘poisonous people’ and I would recommend to get rid of them as soon as possible! How?

Social Media: My first step towards removing poisonous people from my life was identifying where they were hiding. I reduced my Facebook friends from 864 people to 86. This quick and easy cleanse was extremely powerful. I eradicated negative people, strangers and friends who never interacted with me online. As expected, I received some backlash from toxic individuals arguing that I think I’m better than them. And yes – they were probably right! Bye for now. 

Group Chats: I was in many group chats with ‘friends’ who were promoting reckless lifestyles, partying too much and sharing unpleasant things. The chat was adding no value to my life and was only hindering my development. I removed myself from all the chats. Again, I received hate mail for leaving without an explanation, despite never actually being involved in any of the conversations. Don’t feel like you owe them a big explanation!   

Permanently Delete: This one is important. For me, removing all traces of toxic people in my life really helped me to recover from past events. Get rid of pictures, videos, un-tag yourself on Facebook and throw away any reminders. The quicker you remove trails, the quicker you can heal yourself and move on.   

Yoga: As part of my personal therapy and movement towards happiness, I decided that taking up a new hobby would be a great distraction. It turns out, that this hobby will stick with me as a daily routine.

  The Dynamic Yogi

Socialising: After removing toxic people from my life, I realised that the only friends I had were my family members. I am extremely fortunate in that I have a phenomenal relationship with my family, but I didn’t want to slip into another unhealthy routine of my only friends being my family. I wanted to surround myself around likeminded people, so I started attending yoga and meditation centres, networking events, business startup workshops and joining university societies. Not only did this experience help me make some fantastic connections and friends, it also enhanced my knowledge and skills, boosted my confidence and made me more receptive to change.   

Show Them Who You Really Are If toxic people do feel the need to check up on you every once in a while, give them something to talk about. After detoxing my friend list and shoving my past in the dump, I gained a 1st class honours degree and Deans Award of top performing students, became a passionate yogi, set up a business, made new and improved friends, moved to a new country and so much more. 

Good luck removing them toxic people from your life and don’t be scared! Always put yourself first. Here are some yoga poses you can do to gain strength before pressing that delete button!     

Love Always  

The Dynamic Yogi