The Tatani Prisoner


Every morning, the monkeys of Tatani – a lost jungle in India – would embark on a 3-mile journey to the temples to store their food. One day, one of the troops spotted a banana not far from reach. He leant over to grab it, but lost his balance and collapsed onto his fellow comrade, resulting in the whole group falling down and losing their load.

The monkey was banished to the back of the troops. He knew that he should be punished for his mistakes so offered to carry some of the other monkeys’ nourishments. Years past and the monkey was now carrying almost four times his weight. He was bruised, battered and exhausted.

An elephant stomped past the monkey in amazement and asked why he was holding so much. The monkey stared at him with sorrowful eyes and cried, ‘I disappointed my family and friends so I am rectifying it.’ The elephant stood confused. He said, ‘I have roamed these jungles for years and I have never seen a monkey stronger than you. You are not a disappointment – you are a leader.’

The monkey had spent so long trying to please his troop that he hadn’t noticed that he was the strongest and most powerful monkey in the group. The monkey put down the month’s supply of food and noticed the muscles that he had developed and the strength he had built. He had learnt to move quicker, think faster and adapt his needs to whatever was required.

The monkey realized that his friends and family weren’t loving or helping him develop. He left with the elephant to start their own tribe. Together, they built a community of mixed animals and built an empire of food, friendship, happiness and acceptance of mistakes.

Like the monkey, you shouldn’t punish yourself for a mistake that you made months or years ago. The same way that a person isn’t admired for the rest of their life for winning a race, you aren’t held accountable for the rest of your life if you make a mistake. You should identify when you have to remove toxic people from your life, even if they are perceived as family and friends, as they are hindering your development. By physically and mentally liberating himself, the monkey was able to find new friends, more opportunities and excel to his greatest potential.

This blog has a central focus on acceptance of your actions, letting go of the past and removing toxic people from your life.

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